Tips for Listening to TheLex in a Car

Using your smart phone to listen to internet radio in the car is really fun -- and EASY. (As always, email me if you have questions.)


There are two ways you can listen in your car: (Thanks to TuneIn for this advice)


1. Fully integrated with the car's stereo controls


This requires you to have a car capable of this function (e.g., BMW and MINI). You still need a smartphone with a data plan, but you don't have to touch your phone to use a radio app like TuneIn.


2. Connecting your smartphone to your car's stereo


This requires that you connect your car's standard stereo to your smartphone that already is receiving TheLex. For the most part, this requires additional equipment. Ways to do this are outlined below.


If your car stereo has an AUX input, you can use an audio cable with a 1/8" (3.5mm) plug on both ends to connect the headphone jack on your smartphone to the AUX input on your car stereo. After you connect, just put your car in AUX mode and enjoy music from your smartphone. (If your car has bluetooth capability, it may be possible to simply employ bluetooth to connect to the stereo.)


If your car has a USB input, you can use a cable with a USB plug on one end and an adapter on the other end that attaches to your phone. For many smartphones, this cable comes with the phone and is used for charging. After you connect, just put your car in AUX mode and turn on the tunes.


If your car stereo has a cassette player, you can get a cassette adapter with a 1/8" plug to connect the headphone jack on your smartphone. Then, plug in the cassette adapter and put your car in "tape" mode and enjoy TheLex.


If your car stereo does not have any of the features outlined above, you can still listen to your phone's output through an FM radio adapter. I've tried lots of these devices in my old cars, and the sound can be a little scratchy. But, I've found one FM adapter that seems to work great in my two cars. Its called TuneLink, and you can find out more about it here.